Story 1 - Website in the age of social networks

Mladen Stancic Mladen Stančić

— more than 5 million pixels spent

The first impression counts. You hear this phrase always and everywhere. But what does this phrase mean for your website in the age of social networks?

We'll tell you.
Imagine you want to buy a new car, a new kitchen or even a new house? Or maybe you just need a cheap car repair shop, a reliable painter or a competent hairdresser? So what are you doing? Unfortunately, we can not tell you that. But what we can tell you is what 95% of all shoppers or consumers would do. You guessed it already? Right! They inform themselves online. As many as 60% of these 95% do so directly on the website of a particular provider- not on social networks. This happens every day. Therefore, you have to be prepared for it every day. Otherwise you lose potential customers.

However, a beautiful design alone does not bring you any customers online. Especially optimal usability often decides whether a prospective customer stays on your homepage and in the best case becomes a paying customer. Offering your customers the best possible experience is therefore the goal of our web development. We program your homepage optimized for fast loading times and responsive design, so you can have optimal user experience also on mobile devices. It does not matter how extensive your homepage should be. Simple one page presentation, complex website project, or online shop system. We are always guided by modern trends and We put your wishes into action- individually.

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