Story 2 - Corporate Design - Online VS / and Offline

Mladen Stancic Mladen Stančić

— about 5 million pixels spent

In the age of smartphones, we are confronted daily with thousands of visual stimuli and only the best exist in the memory of your customers. Critical for your business is to stand out from the flood of images and information that your potential customers receive every day. This is best achieved through a fresh, individual design concept combined with a well thought-out corporate design - both online and offline.

Even though in the age of Web 2.0 most of the marketing is online now: it does not work without paper. And it does not have to, we think. Precisely because many companies are now focusing exclusively on their online presence, cleverly used classic printed products offer a way to stand out from the crowd. Whether high-quality business card with noble character, flyer with fresh design or other print media, such as. catalogue, rollup banner, bonus or discount cards for customer loyalty- used correctly, classic marketing is "tangible" in 2020 and rounds off your marketing concept skillfully.

As a creative agency, we are specialized in developing individual and all-embracing graphic and design concepts that will make you stand out and turn your company into a brand. We always choose the design and the conception in the print area in the sense of the corporate design. Because: The more channels your customers achieve in a uniform appearance, the higher is your recognition value!

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